View Of Bayview

Nathaniel French
Sarah French (Pottinger)
Bragdon Family Plot
Oliver Wooster Bragdon
Oliver Wooster Bragdon II
Nancy Bragdon (Hooper)
Lyman Miller Bragdon
Sarah Jane Bragdon (French)
Ernest Lyman Bragdon
Marcia Bragdon (Hardison)
Frank Bragdon
Nahum Bragdon
Roxie Rollins (Bragdon)
George G. Butler
Mary (Polly) Butler (Googins)
Rosie V. Bragdon (Jordan)
William Bragdon (Stone)
William Bragdon (Readable)
Lester Bragdon
Leamon Bragdon
Bayview Cemetery
Franklin, Maine
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Franklin, Maine Memorials