Samuel Kincaid (b. Abt. 1724 - d. ?)
According to an 1802 deposition, he was four when he came with his family about

"Kincaid, Samuel, Mary, Reuben, Rachel, John, 5 chn. Samuell, bp. Sep. 8, 1763
at Witchcasset (sic)"

Source: "Baptisms In Wiscasset, Damariscotta and New Castle, Maine During
The Year 1763, From The Records of The Old South Church, Newburport."
[that is Massachusetts], The Essex Institute Historical Collections, published
at Salem, Mass in 1909, volume XLV, page 89:

Samuel Kincade (sic):
No of persons: 1
No of log houses inhabited: 1
No of one story houses: 1
No of rooms with a fireplace: 1
No of persons under 16 years of age: 7
No of persons above 16 years of age: 2
Whole Number of Inhabitants: 9
No of Males: 5
No of females: 4

Source: 1766 Census of the West side of the Town of Pownalborough
Documentary History of the State of Maine (have no volume # but page # is