ReubenKincaid (b. ?- d. ?)
Kincade, Reuben, Newcastle (also given Pownalborough), Private, Major's Co., Col.
Calvin Smith's (late Wigglesworth's) regt.;
Continental Army pay accounts for service from
March 3, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779;
residence, Newcastle; also, Capt. Nathaniel Alexander's Co., Col. Edward
Wigglesworth's regt.; return (year not given); residence, Pownalborough; enlisted for town
of Newbury; mustered by Capt. Sewall; also, same co. and regt.; muster roll for
, dated Camp Valley Forge; enlistment, 3 years; also, same co. and regt.; muster roll
June, 1778, dated Camp near White Plains; reported on command at Valley Forge;
also, same co. and regt.; pay roll for
Oct., 1778; also, Major's co., (late) Col.
Wigglesworth's regt. commanded by Maj. John Porter; muster roll for
March and April,
, dated Providence; enlisted May 1, 1777; also Major's co., Col. Smith's regt;
Continental Army pay accounts for service from
Jan. 1, 1780, to March 3, 1780. In
Reuben Kincaid's pension application is the information that he was at the taking of
General Burgoyne and at the Sullivan expedition on Rhode Island.

Source: "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors", Volume 9, p. 232

In addition to Reuben Kincaid of the 13th Massachusetts Regiment, there was also a
Samuel Kincaid in this same regiment, according to the "Index to Revolutionary War
Service Records." There was a letter in Reuben's pension file asking for information about
Reuben and Samuel Kincaid, both of Newcastle, MA and both in Col. Calvin Smith's

There was also a Reuben Kincade, or Kincaide, who applied for a pension from
Wiscasset in Lincoln Co, MA (now, Maine). This is his abstract:
KINCADE, Reuben or Reuben Kincaide, S37128, MA Line, appl
13 Apr 1818 at
Wiscasset in Lincoln Co MA aged 58, in 1820 sol had a wife Jane aged 62 & a son
Reuben, Jr. aged 16 at home & grandchildren; Mary Kincade 12 & John Kincade
aged 5
lived with sol.

Reuben served as a private in the 13th MA Regiment

Source:"Index to Revolutionary War Service Records"

1790 Federal Census , shows a Reuben Kincaid living in Pownalborough, Lincoln Co.,
(1 male over 16, and 6 females)