David Kincaid (b. Abt 1655 - d. 1722)
1680: came to Boston from Cambridge in 1680, employed by widow Neale to draw beer,
Thos. Dewer being surety for him and his family to the town of Boston.

1684: Member of the Scotch Charitable Soc

Bef. 1690 he mov. To Oyster Riv. Where his homestead, still kn. As Kinket’s field, is
now part of N.H. College.
His 2d w. was Anne, wid. Of Stephen Jenkins, who was adm. To the ch. 10 Feb. 1722-3,
and who m. 3d Thomas Potts.
In 1723 she deeded Kincade prop. in Lee called ‘Camsoe’, doubtless a corruption of
Campsie, a par. in co. Sterling, Scotland, in which is a village of Kincaidfield.
Lists 57, 67, 96, 368b, 399a (Daniel).
Attacked by Ind. in 1708 he and his lad escaped (Pike)

Will, 23 June 1719—6 Mar. 1722-3, ment. Wid. And executrix and ch:
(2) Naphtali,
(3) Hannah, m. one Hay, adm. To ch. 1 Sept. 1723, and had ch. Mary, Samuel
(4) Sarah

Source: The Genealogy Dictionary of Me and N.H., by Sybil Noyes et al., (1928-1939),
Page 400

1708: "The Indians again appeared at Oyster River on the eighteenth of September, 1708,
when three of them assaulted David Kincaid at his house, not far from Woodman's garrison,
firing thee shots at him and his lad."

Source: Stackpole, Everett S. History of New Hampshire. Volume I. New York, NY:
The American Historical Society, 1916. Page 226.
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